Subject: Detail of Court Cases filed by AIASO (erstwhile AIAI/AIASI) and present status of Subordinate Statistical Service (SSS)-as on 09.10.2019



Sl. No.

Case Number & date of Judgment


Present status.


OA No.40/2014

[AIASI Vs. UOI] CAT Bombay Bench, Mumbai

Grant of Grade Pay of Rs.4600 to JSO and Grade Pay of Rs.4800 to SSO. 

The hearing date 07.10.2019 has been adjourned and the next date is 19.11.2019 in CAT, Mumbai.


OA No. 350/00473/2016 [AIASI Vs. UOI] CAT Kolkata

Grant of pay scale of Rs.5500-9000 to Investigators of NSSO (FOD) w.e.f. 1.1.1996.

Hearing completed on 17.09.2019 and Judgment reserved. The verdict is expected in about a month.


OA No. 4503/2014 and

WP No. 8437/2015

[Hans Raj Vs. UOI]

Objection relating to grant of Seniority to Labour Bureau over and above to NSSO (FOD) officers.

Hon’ble Delhi High court allowed their prayer with the direction to give option to LB incumbents once again. 

LB incumbents now filed SLP in the Supreme Court. Association is also party to it and defending the case.


OA No. 2855/2014


Grant of MACP in the promotional hierarchy.

The case is postponed sine-die till finalization of case in Supreme Court.


OA No.1291/1998

[Sh. S.K. Roy Vs. UOI]

For Constitution of Subordinate Statistical Service (SSS).

All India Association of Investigators (AIAI) filed this case by its member viz. Shri S.K. Roy and 100 % financed it. Due to this judgment SSS was constituted w.e.f. 12.02.2002.


OA No.404/2003


[Rakesh Singh Vs. UOI]

Judgment dated 24.10.2003

Appointment of Contract Supervision against vacant posts of Superintendents of NSSO (FOD)

Judgment implemented. Now, no contract Supervisor could be appointed against the vacant posts of SSOs.


OA No. 351/2003


Constitution of SSS in two tire structure.

Association lost the case and has challenged the judgment; presently the case is pending before Hon’ble High Court, Delhi

WP(C) No.719-20 /2006



OA No. 2770/ 2003,

WP(C) No.13855/2006 and

OA No.713/2015


Grant of ACP in Functional Grade of SSS.

These judgmentshave been implemented and all Investigators of NSSO(FOD)& SSS officers have been granted ACP in the Functional Grade of SSS. Due this historical judgment, the SSS officers,who joined service on or before 01.8.1984 have been granted 2ndACP in the pay scale of Rs.8,000-13,500 (Grade Pay of Rs.5,400, PB-3) and 3rdMACP in GP of Rs.6,600, PB-3.


OA No.1607/2004 [AIASI Vs. UOI]

Fixation of Pay under FR. 22(1)(a)(ii) against Non-functional post in SSS.

Judgment implemented. Due this, the SSS become two-tire before the notification of 6thCPC and wok was also allocated in two-tire structure in NSSO (FOD).


OA 2292/2005


Exclusion of Assistant Superintendents from Group C post of SSS.

This judgment has also been implemented. Due this, all Assistant Superintendents got upgraded and placed in the Pay Scale of SI Grade-II [Rs.6500-10500]prior to SSS Notification.


OP(CAT) No.1124/2011(S)  Kerala High Court Trivandrum

[Sh. Tomy Mathew Vs. UOI]

Relating regularization of ad-hoc promotion of Assistant Supdts. of NSSO (FOD) granted before constitution of SSS by NSSO (FOD).

This case was contested by Sh. Tomy Mathew and 100% financedby AIASI. The judgment of CAT, Trivandrum is in favour of AIASI and presently the matter is pending before Hon’ble High Court of Trivandrum.


WP (C) 11660/2015

[Jai Singh Vs. UOI]

Regularization of Adhoc promotions in SSS with retrospective effect.

This case was contested by AIASO through Sh. Jai Singh on all support and finance by AIASO. This judgment has been implemented and the officers of SSS are regularized from their respective year of vacancy.

The above cases are testimony of the enormous efforts made by AIASO and dedicated to safeguard and promote the interests, rights and privileges of the members of the Subordinate Statistical Service (SSS) since its inception. AIASO explores and utilizes all the channels to achieve the objectives of overall benefits of its members in particular and SSS officers in general in terms of betterment of the career prospects.