The Subordinate Statistical Service (SSS)

The Subordinate Statistical Service (SSS) had been constituted on the recommendations of the Fifth Central Pay Commission made vide pare 81.17. The service Notification released on 12.02.2002 and subsequently its amendments were released on 04.04.2003 and has operationalized with effect from our 1.4.2004 by grouping together all statistical functional posts of Group B and C from 42 Ministries / Departments / Organizations of Government of India located at different places throughout the country. Being primary / core workers for collection / compilation, the officers of Subordinate Statistical Service are to play a vital role in the statistical setup of the participating Ministries / Departments. The subordinate Statistical Service, now more than twelve years old, has been rendering a valuable service in the fields of core official statistic at the national level. The officers of the Service are mainly engaged in the supervision, data collection on different subject, compilation, analysis, and dissemination of data to the users, Researchers and Administrators in Ministries / Departments of Government of India and state Governments. The officers of the SSS are required to work in various capacities in different participating Ministries / Departments / Organizations of Govt. of India throughout the country.